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Bottling Plant Upgrades; Denver, CO
Coca-Cola Refreshments

Installed two in-line blow mold machines. Developed room layouts. Made warehouse space into a production facility. Turnkey development of drains, flooring, walls, utilities, equipment and installation were all a part of this project while maintaining the plant’s production schedule. Redesigned line for can size change. Turnkey design-build on building modifications, drains, flooring and ventilation, filler and rinser change parts, new infeed conveyors along with new case packer, bundler, shrink tunnel and spiral conveyors. Programming of the palletizer for a new pattern was also part of this project. Read More

Juice Plant Upgrades; Dinuba, CA

Replacement of three pasteurizers for pathogen kill and efficiencies. Design-build of new batch room. Designed the room, executed the proper permits, procured and installed the equipment. Upgraded ammonia system by installing additional ammonia compressors and cooling towers resulting in increased cooling capacity needed to properly cool product.Installed pigging system to recover valuable juice. This project had an eight month return on investment.Read More

Subsea Fiber Optic Telecommunications System
British Petroleum (BP)

The Project Group Consulting provided Project Engineering support services to BP on their Fiber Optic Project.  This project was a first-of-its-kind project for the Gulf of Mexico.  It brought high band-width, low latency communications to Oil & Gas platforms in the deepwater areas of the Gulf of Mexico. The cable runs from Pascagoula MS to Freeport TX and extends into the deepwater blocks (up 5000-6000 ft water depths) in the GoM.  The project required working with a telecommunications cable company for laying the subsea fiber optic cable and components.  It also required working with the Production Platforms to install and integrate the equipment on the platforms.

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Construction Upgrades
FedEx; Norristown, PA

Fit-out an existing facility. This included security area and associated security equipment - turnstiles, metal detectors, and controls, new dock positions and various office area improvements. Project schedule was extremely tight, but the work was completed in time for the facility to be used for peak season. Read More

Tampnet LTE Coverage w Base Stations and Proposed 05092018.jpg
4G LTE Voice and Data Communications System
Gulf of Mexico

The Project Group Consulting provided Project Management and Engineering support services to a Houston based Telecommunications company to bring 4G LTE Voice and Data Communications to the deepwater platforms in the Gulf of Mexico.  The project is bringing high band-width, low latency communications to all platforms in the Gulf of Mexico.  In addition to the platforms it also provides the same services to all operations in the Gulf; drill ships, service and support vessels, commercial and personal water craft, etc.

 The Project Group Consulting provided the project management and engineering support services to integrate and install the microwave based equipment on the production platforms and drill ships.  Part of the uniqueness of this project is that it integrates the microwave based system with the BP Fiber Optic Network (see related project summary) to provide more reliability and redundancy to the system